Thursday, 12 August 2010

Blog Split

Hello, perhaps you are a regular reader of my cisgendered-journey? If so please add yourself as a follower and feel free to ask questions or pass comments.

It's been an incredible two years with many highs and lows. To live with a "Great love" is a blessing but to lose your children a curse.

I have decided to split the blog. My documenting of Angela' transition and it's affects on me and our loved ones can now be found at:

Transgender Love (ie this blog) will also be continued but will be a closer analysis of how I will eventually come round to understanding how my immediate familys breakdown in childhood and my father's struggles with gambling and substance abuse has impacted on my own family. My accounts of my brother's suicide my frayed relationship with my mother and my on going struggles with alcohol seem a sad tangent from the central issue of transgenderism. Hence the blog will now be divided. It seems like an obvious metaphor where I would prefer to live vicarioulsy through Angela than confront my own demons once and for all. They are legion as they are many.

Thank you everyone who who has read the blogs to date and if I have offered a positive insight to anybody and made anyone think again about the existence of third gender people then I will sleep a little easier. Or perhaps you your self have been affected by loss and become a survivor, just like me?

Fear and love are contradictory terms. Love is reckless in giving away, oblivious as to what it gets in return. Love wrestles with the world as with the self and ultimately gains mastery over all other feelings. My daily experience, as of those who are working with me, is that every problem lends itself to solution if we are determined to make the law of truth and non-violence the law of life. For truth and non-violence are, to me, faces of the same coin. The law of love will work, just as the law of gravitation will work, whether we accept it or not. Just as a scientist will work wonders out of various applications of the law of nature, even so a man who applies the law of love with scientific precision can work greater wonders. - Mahatma Gandhi


  1. Your explorations of your life and it´s connections with a transgender women are kindly shared, and I wish you the best!

  2. Your account of how this journey is panning out is very moving and I only have admiration for your love/dedication/stance ... actually I am the other side of the coin, by accident rather than design, I am a man who has met a post-op TG woman, who previously was married and had 2 wonderful children ... my experiences while similar (but not the same) are not relevant here. While I accept M's decisions I struggle(d) to understand the person she is, and how this defines me/makes me feel as a person/man ... it is not all 'cut and dried'. Just to get to where we are today, I have had to confront many of my own demons, as well as other peoples ... I have joined a surprisingly vibrant, exciting, amazing and intensely supportive/humane community - and I wouldn't have it any other way. Onward and upward, I wish you and Angela love, peace and happiness

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