Saturday, 20 March 2010

Don't call it nosh if it's posh!

Well I have been very busy, I am feeling very optimistic and upbeat.

The children in Ireland have contacted me to say they are fine and wish to remain with their Dad in Dublin. It was not pleasant the way he went about it, like a thief in the night, I wish that I could have seen them before they went. I believe in freedom, if they wanted to go, then fine but was I not entitled to a discussion with the kids at least? - I don't know how influenced they have been, but at least I know they are safe now.

All day people have been calling to my house from Freecycle and removing my possessions, the house is a mass of boxes.
I have been cataloguing my four thousand books into numbered boxes and putting them into a proper system, so finding them will be easier when they are sold (I am an Internet book dealer), I'm on box 41 with about 1,000 books to go... it's laborious and dull but well worth it. There were many errors in my inventory and expensive books that were not even listed online- it is a massive stock check that should have been done along time ago!

Tonight Angela is taking me to one of the most exclusive restaurants in Cheshire, to celebrate our new life together. I am so head over heels in love with her, I had forgotten what happiness felt like, I can feel a glow in my flesh, like a warm radiation. It's been a long time since I felt a surge of joy. Too long.

Anyway a new chapter will begin, with two central characters, in my dark hours I lived vicariously through her, turning to her issues in order to ignore my own problems. I intend these new times to be a healing time for love and the building of bridges.

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  1. Good to read a post like this from you Tillie. I hope the restaurant was everything you hoped for.

    Now, you can't reveal you're an online book dealer and not post a URL, can you!