Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Relocating August 2008

I relocated in August 2008, the restraining order was due to expire and The Captain had been to court and been found guilty of common assault.

I was not going to be able to manage the bills, mortgage payments etc alone so the house would have to be sold, I knew that the housing price crisis was going to continue and all my invested monies of £30k would be lost. My career would be over and all my 3,000 books delisted. The future looked safer but nontheless grim.

In the few months leading up to my big move I had been flirting online with a few guys, Judy included, nothing serious, just public banter, comments on shared photos, and encouragement. I took none of it very seriously but was enjoying the attention and renewed confidence that was stirring in me.

On my return, I started seeing an ex-soldier Julian, he had was very very tall, and very bright... he had a secret to share with me, a wound. He had been tortured by a sub saharan group when captured on an intelligence mission and had suffered serious mouth injuries resulting in the loss of most of his teeth. Julian was incredibly handsome but he never smiled. We connected over he fact that we were both previous sufferers of Post Traumatic Syndrome, two people who understood that it is the strong who overcome misery. He spent some time at my house with me and my children when he could and on one occasion visited his flat, he was orderly and respectful, we actually mentioned the hope of marriage, I would laugh but did wonder what a happy marriage would be like, as I had no idea to date.As I am actually very very stupid when chosing suitable partners!

The fling was to be very shortlived.

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