Monday, 1 February 2010

The bucket List

Angela is on the phone and we are talking about how to celebrate her 50th brithday next week. She feels like it's not a big deal but I really want to celebrate the fact that she is here and it is a miracle that she is here as she crashed a microlight into a traffic island years ago and came very close to dying.
Apparently we need to make alist of all the things we wish to do before we die.
I am struggling with the bucket list.....I'm too low maintenance.

A bucket List
Angela would like to dine at a Gordon Ramsey restaurant- i tut tut the expense of it!
I'd like to fly over London again on Bonfire night at 8pm and watch every municipal firework display pepper the city-scape with a million rainbowed embers... and thousands of bonfires like peepholes to the earth's magma.
A Chanel Makeover and £400 for indulgent unctions.
Eat Sushi in Tokyo - in matching kimonos, of course!
Have my facelift (pronto)
Go to Berlin to the kinky dressing up clubs... laughing loudly adorned in corsets and black feathers.
Kiss on top of the tallest building in the world - feel the dizzy love
Gallop on a horse, like you'll never stop.
Float in the dead sea
Visit Epheusus
Have a big trans wedding and be utterly gorgeous!
Be dry and happy
See the kids graduate
A quiet room undisturbed and no bill chasers knocking on the door
To share this with my Love.

Things we intend not to do
Angela says not have a Purple rinse
Have anymore teeth extracted
Have a breast reduction (there small enough)
Jump out of an aeroplane
Be dishonest, that hurts too much.
Get dysentry when in Turkey and cancel trip to Epheusus

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