Sunday, 21 February 2010

Still water and active volcanoes

How do you mend ripped up lives?
I knew my Mother would be uneasy with Angela's transgenderism
I had reassurred her we had been loving and - hopefully reponsible when telling the children- I hoped she would really didn't look good, but i was truthful.
She had been simmering and making threats for a few days...
but I am sitting in my house in my house mum mananged to ambush my ex on Saturday morning when he came for his contact visit and filled him wi with horror stories of my unnatural love.. the outcme is... my ex husband has snatched my eldest kids and is refusing to return them, as he deems my love for a transexual woman a threat to the children's safety.
And I am here - and ain't no placeabo, opiate, silvery plaster, that makes me feel that I shouldn't feel that life is a whore....I need a compass and a miracle.
I don't have another fight in me.


  1. Tillie love, that's a sad post. All I can offer is my sympathy, which sounds pretty lame.

  2. Words fail me. I'm sure you have another fight you, do something small to get the ball rolling. He's not a judge and it's not his place to decide anyway, I think he's breaking the law as well as your heart. What your ex has done is wrong, and as for your mother - I hope she will eventually realise how misguided her actions are!

    Keep going girl, big hugs :-)