Monday, 4 January 2010

Judy- Crash and burn

Judy and I had a strong mental rapport, she was a straight TV with a love of hot women and I longed to be hot. We rapidly became sexually intimate, meeting in Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield when she was up North on business, staying in comfortable hotel rooms and being treated to meals out with the other t-girls. It was magical for me. Judy was an experienced well seasoned lover and I loved her maturity.

To my knowledge, at the start of our relationship and for the initial start of our friendship she was separated from her wife, living in a flat in North London. We would lie in bed and she would explain scientific theories to me and help me understand things that I would ordinarily have not understood as my studies had been to do with feminist theory, theology and literature. I was mentally aroused by her and felt valued. Again it felt like love, it was intense. She confessed very early on, one morning in bed to being older than 45 and me being amused at her white lie, as it matched his white hair and softly lined face. Love is a forgiving thing when pigmented with desire.

Julian after the end of our relationship sent me an email, urging my caution and telling me to Google Judy as there were video's of her "all over the web". I did Google her, but found an assortment of humerous and interesting videos of her shopping, out dancing with her "fellow" t-girls but nothing of a sexual or obscene nature. It was clearly an innocent hobby and part of t-girl culture. To share your good times, present as a passable woman and encourage other girls to step out of the closet. It was fun, it was what I needed to step out of my own dull domestic sphere of kids and poverty. Thanks to Julian's concerns, when Googling her I discovered Judy was a member of an online community called TVCHIX, which was designed to be an introductions site/ port for communication for transgendered people and their allies. I joined in order to surprise judy, show my allegience and devotion to her and hopefully keep in touch with my new friends. it was a twilight world where I was clearly needed and where I wanted to be.

I treasured every moment with her but it was too good to be true as a new friend called Angela was to show me. Angela wanted to break us up "for my own good!"

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