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Messages December 8th 2008

Angela:I know we are not an item
"Something else I want to say - (well you know me - lol) . I was trying to make the point earlier, don't move any of the feelings you had for Judy to me. You must heal your heart, but do it knowing there are people who care for you. If anything does develop between us great, if it doesn't also great - love and friendship takes many forms from family love to best friend love to lover/partner love - wherever we end up is good for me - I won't treat you like - well you know.

So please take things slowly with your heart - am I coming across right? I will do everthing I can to heal you and make you whole again - on a purely platonic basis - I don't care. Lets go and have some fun. (and if you want to blow the bad memories out you can still come to the bno if you want/feel up to it - I had booked a twin room anyway so you would have your own bed and everything - and I will be able to resist you - though it will be hard - lol (just had to crack a joke didn't I)

Anyway I am so pleased the flowers made it to you in time :-)"

Tllie: "Thank you -I am struggling to get my head around this, and thank you for trying to make me happy"

Angela: "listen Tillie - I need to say something.

I think you are very fragile at the moment. you need to heal your heart properly before you give it away to anyone else. Nothing has changed between you and me - I think you are fab and I feel really close to you.

I am always here - just take your time on an emotional level to get well (I hope you know what I mean) .

Anyway, your good friend santa is going to focus on making you that happy, smiley, confident person again - cos that's what you are.

xxx Bet Ican make you smile"

Tillie: "It hurts that I was just a bit of optional fun"

Angela:"Yes I know Tillie.

I have been trying to gently open your eyes to this, but because you did not know me very well and I did not want to appear like a trouble causer I have not been blunt with you about it. It was important that you came to this conclusion yourself.

but Tillie, and I know you do not know me very well, I promise there are really nice people out there. You were probably still on the bounce.

I know you are a glass half full type of girl so here goes - in all of this you have found the best friend you could have - come what may. I never let my friends down - ever.

Charge your fracking mobile and ring me..."

Tillie:"well here is Judy's reply and i couldn't be more hurt to be honest
and wish i could stop crying, it's been hours of weeping now. I don't know what you want from me?

Judy's reply to me ending our relationship: "Ok hun, I understand.

I do appreciate your point of view - it is unfair to prevent you from having the opportunity to see other, genuinely free, people. I wanted our relationship to be all about happy things. The last thing I want is for you to feel bad about yourself.

Yes, you are right. I shouldn't have to be wangling work trips and you shouldn't be made to feel like an add-on, as you say.

I apologise for the corridor pix, I was rather tipsy myself and just thought it mght be fun to look at them together later - I have deleted them all, of course. (Judy had taken some photots of me ina drunken collapsed state and I was not pleased)
Have a lovely time at BNO and have a great Christmas. "

Angela: Til - I wish I could say something to help you - but I can't except for two things. Firstly - you are lucky to find out about this before you got too hooked up. Secondly - I am going to make you believe in human kind again. YOU ARE NOT ALONE - phone me if you want - I just called you and your personal support person said you wre unavailable (couldn't hear to well over the tele - lol) infact definately phone me.

If you don't let me know you are ok am going to drive down and sort you out myself.


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